Saturday, May 25, 2024

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ABOUT Professional Global Etiquette

Professional Global Etiquette is a highly regarded business consultancy with over eight years of experience. Their specialized services encompass International Protocol and Corporate Etiquette, Business Soft Skills workshops, and LinkedIn lead generation. Through their expertise in these areas, they serve as a trusted resource for businesses seeking to enhance their professional skills and expand their network.

With their profound knowledge of International Protocol and Corporate Etiquette, Professional Global Etiquette equips clients with the necessary cultural intelligence and diplomatic skills to navigate international business environments successfully. Their Business Soft Skills workshops focus on improving communication, leadership, time management, and teamwork, enabling individuals and teams to thrive in today's competitive business landscape.

Adrienne provided expert advice to my Linkedin profile. She made smart suggestions and easy ways to change how people see me on Linkedin. I would recommend anyone who wants to expand their profile and reach to work with Adrienne.

Alohana Jackson

Via LinkedIn

Talk about a woman that means business and knows what she talking about. She’s not just knowledgeable about her industry, one conversation with Adrienne and she’s engaged and wants to know more about you and yours. Her heart for people is truly special.

Carmen Ruiz, Daytona Beach

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From the first discussion about our marketing needs, Adrienne's genuine interest and attention to detail grew with each interaction. From brainstorming to proof-reading, her support team provided timely follow-up without being pushy. She's a real professional. Adrienne knows all the latest trends and tchotchkes, she jumped at the challenge to create something unique

Ken Lyons

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