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Customer service has hit an all-time low

In October, I sat down with Mitche Graf to discuss his book; Customer Service Is DEAD: Delivering 6-Star Service In A 1-Star World 

Watch our exciting conversation here

First, we understand that it is tough for hospitality and restaurants here in Volusia County, Florida, and probably where you live.  (In the comments, please let us know where you live and the overall customer service experience).

Mitche explains that during Covid 19, many of us spent a lot of time home and could not go to restaurants.  We would order and then pick up the food and NOT eat in the restaurant.

Now that life has reopened,  you go into a restaurant, and many are short-staffed, and we are often notified right away that there is a shortage of employees.  You may even see several tables available and are told there is a long wait.  You may be given an excuse or just turned away with no explanation, and you may be told this in a dismissive and uncaring way.  Many people find their blood pressure may rise, and they may not experience a dinner service as we had before Covid.   In this case, if the front of the house is not making you feel welcome and comfortable, you may not enjoy the food no matter how delicious it tastes.

Mitch shares during our conversation that the Vice President of Yelp explained that there are more one-star reviews right now being posted than in the history of Yelp.   Because of this, it is time to go above and beyond, and Mitche calls this the 6-star experience.  What can you do to give a little bit extra?

6-Star service will be the defining mantra of a small business in the United States and around the world, and that is how can we provide service that is impeccable and better than their competition.   Therin lies the success right there. (per Mitche)

Mitche shares the following during our conversation.   We know the human element has been taken out of the way many do business.  When you think of it, the gas station attendant, the front line employees, the server in your favorite restaurant, the teller at the bank, the cashier at the grocery store, these people are holding multi-billion dollar brands in their hands.  And what do we pay these people?  How do we help them be successful?

If you are not giving the tools, the training, and the empowerment to the employees to make customers happy, you will not have 6-star Service.  Mitche shares the story of Ritz Carlton’s at 10:50 in the video.

Learn about the 6-star service traits:  

#1 – do your best to exceed expectations

#2 – treat customers like gold with every interaction

#3 – correct mistakes quickly and efficiently

#4 – create an unparalleled culture of customer service excellence

#5 – build a relationship based on mutual respect (you must respect the customer)

#6 – Never Forget that the customer is an essential part of your business; always say, “What can I do right now to make the customer lives better?)

Mitche explains that we live in a 5-star world, but the 6-star tells even a basic consumer with a limited amount of education that you have done something extra, special.   Watch the video at 19:55 to learn more about the program.  Maybe you can start a 6-star service award at your company.  Be sure to order the book to have all the tools you need to educate your employees on 6-star service.

So many golden gems were dropped by Mithe when it comes to customer service.   I hope you make time to watch the video and learn more about how customer service has changed throughout the years.  The difference in training methods and, believe it or not, your employees want the tools to be trained to provide quality service. It is time to change your training method and use the tools that Mitche delivers in his book.

Mitche shares the importance of immediately handling poor customer service reviews and best practices for dealing with bad reviews.

If your employees don’t care to learn customer service skills, they will not care for your clients.

Provide this book to your leaders and watch them start to mirror the behaviors that you want to see in all of your employees.

Message to employees:   If you are an employee and want to see your company shine, order the book and share it with your fellow employees.  You are essential to the business’s success, and understanding how to provide excellent customer service is a gift that you give to yourself.

Employees,  don’t wait for someone to train you, learn the essential customer skills training now so you are in control of your own success.

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